Home Buying Advice

What NOT To Do When You Are in The Processing of Getting a Mortgage to Buy A Home.

When buying a home that requires the purchaser to obtain a mortgage loan there are many actions that the home buyer might not realize can jeopardize them getting approved for the mortgage loan. 

Renting vs Buying a Home

rent vs buyMore American families are leasing, over all wage levels and age groups, for various reasons. For most owning a home is the main ingredient of their American dream and Americans have pre-determined notions about homeownership: Purchasing a home will build equity over the long term, getting you started down the road to financial security. Most believe that renting an apartment or

3 Reasons Why winter is a Smart Time to Buy a Home

(BPT) - Don't give up on buying a home as winter nears. In fact, December through February may be better for buyers than the busy season in spring and summer.

Enjoy less competition and lower prices.

Fewer properties are typically available during the winter, as sellers and buyers aim to complete transactions before the school year begins. You can turn that to your advantage.

How to Save Money On Closing Costs

What to do?

Closings costs in New Jersey vary based many different factors.  The fees that may be the most subject to variation when buying a home in New Jersey are;

  • Bank Fees
  • Attorney Fees
  • Inspection Fees

So make sure you know in advance what the fees are for each of these services, get the costs in writing and shop around.  It´s always a good idea to get a referral from someone you trust for each of the professionals that will provide you with these services.

Don´t base your decision on which bank, attorney and inspection company you hire based on cost alone!

How to Save Money on Financing

What to do?

  • First, get PRE-APPROVED for a mortgage not just pre-qualified. 
  • Second, do this with more than one lender.

Why do this?

Because being PRE-APPROVED means that the lender has verified the information that you have given them. Then once you find a home to buy your final mortgage commitment will take less time to receive.  This creates many money saving opportunities for the home buyer. 

Haunted Houses - Home Buyers Need to Beware

As of 11/1/2013 the New Jersey Real Estate Commission does not require the seller or real estate agents to disclose that a houses is purportedly haunted unless the buyer asks. 

So if you are afraid or concerned about ghosts you better ask the question!