Home Mortgage Financing

What NOT To Do When You Are in The Processing of Getting a Mortgage to Buy A Home.

When buying a home that requires the purchaser to obtain a mortgage loan there are many actions that the home buyer might not realize can jeopardize them getting approved for the mortgage loan. 

USDA No Down Payment Home Loans

Over 50% of potential home buyers state that the one thing in their way of buying a home is the down payment requirements.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a home loan programs that offers no down payment loans to qualified buyers.  This program is geared towards home buyers that want to purchase a home in a qualified rural area and have incomes in the low to moderate range.  Guideline can be found on the USDA web site.  In Middlesex County NJ we found homes in Spotswood, Monroe and South Brunswick that a home buyer could use USDA loan program to to purchase. Some homes in towns of Monmouth, Somerset and Mercer Counties also qualify for these loans. Some buyer may also qualify for a grant from the USDA to reduce the there mortgage payments if their incomes are too low. Loans from the USDA have low interest rates and lower mortgage insurance cost then FHA or Conventional loans.

How to Save Money on Financing

What to do?

  • First, get PRE-APPROVED for a mortgage not just pre-qualified. 
  • Second, do this with more than one lender.

Why do this?

Because being PRE-APPROVED means that the lender has verified the information that you have given them. Then once you find a home to buy your final mortgage commitment will take less time to receive.  This creates many money saving opportunities for the home buyer. 

Is it Getting Easier to Get a Mortgage?

Even though mortgage originations are way down over the last couple of months there hasn't been a significant move by regulators or lenders to ease up a bit on lending standards.  The big refinancing boom is over.  Now if lenders are to make money they will need more homebuyers to enter the market.  Don't be surprised if the standards for first time homebuyers to obtain a mortgage are lowered a little over the next few months.