Home Buyer Rebate


CENTURY 21 Sylvia Geist Agency is now offering Home Buyer Rebates to qualified new buyer clients.


So it you are interested in this program you must contact us now!  Most of our buyer clients that sign up for this rebate are receiving between $1,500 & $3,500 credit at the time of closing.  Rebates amount vary.  Your rebate will depend on the total buyer agency commission CENTURY 21 Sylvia Geist Agency receives at closing and the percentage of that commission we agreed to rebate back to you.

How does it work?

  • The buyer agrees to work with our real estate company as an exclusive buyer client.
  • Our company will rebate to the buyer client at the closing the agreed to portion of the real estate commission collected at the time of closing.  This rebate will be in the form of a credit or check to the buyer which will reduce the commission payable to the buyer's agent by the same amount.
  • The purchase of a short sale is not included in this rebate offer.

Yes there are more details & requirements but it is relatively simple and there is no cost to the buyer client.  One very important guideline is that the rebate agreement must be in place at the onset of a brokerage agreement in a written document, electronic document or a buyer agency agreement.  

For complete guidelines for buyer rebates in NJ visit the NJ Real Estate Commission web site Bulletin No.10-03

By New Jersey Law buyer rebates may only be offered directly from the Broker of Record.  After agreeing to the terms of the CENTURY 21 Sylvia Geist Agency Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement with Rebate a real estate agent will be assigned to work with you.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with that agent, the broker can assign you a different agent.  All our agents are highly trained professionals, and it  is our goal to provide you with the best service possible.

Required disclosures:  If you receive a rebate you may owe income taxes on the rebated amount. Purchasers should contact a tax professional concerning the tax implications of receiving the rebate prior to accepting this offer.  Lender guidelines may be affected when you receive a buyer rebate.  The rebate must be disclosed to all parties involved in the purchase. You need to disclose this rebate to your mortgage lender.  This offer is subject to change without notice.

For complete details, contact the Broker of Record, Robert Geist, by phoning our office at 732-238-1200 or complete the form (below) and we will contact you at our first opportunity.