Renting vs Buying a Home

rent vs buyMore American families are leasing, over all wage levels and age groups, for various reasons. For most owning a home is the main ingredient of their American dream and Americans have pre-determined notions about homeownership: Purchasing a home will build equity over the long term, getting you started down the road to financial security. Most believe that renting an apartment or

The Rush to Rent in Middlesex County NJ

This year has been the year of the rental.  As our total sales volume (unit sold) has increased by about 20% the number of rentals we have done year to date is up 100% from 2011. 

In the past because, agents were so busy handling buyers, most real estate agents did not what to invest too much time with customers looking to rent.  Our office has activity marketed to the rental market for the first time this year and the results show in our rental business.