New Brunswick Investment Properties- Student Housing

In Middlesex County NJ, the single market that has held up the best is the Investment Property Market- renting to Rutgers students in New Brunswick, NJ. 

From our recent analysis, prices are at or near a peak! These properties are selling as soon as they hit the market!  At the beginning of the market downturn in 2006, the Rutgers housing sector of the real estate market took a bit of a hit.  Since then, property values for these types of investments have steadily risen.
The main draw is a steady, reliable income stream created by ever increasing demand for off-campus housing in the areas nearest to College Avenue in New Brunswick. 

Investors are eager to find a safe place to put their money, where their equity is not constantly being eroded by declining values.  Because investors are seeking opportunities to put their money to work and earn more than a couple percent in returns, Rutgers Housing is the local choice.  Quoted from one of our recent investors, "I have a child who will be attending Rutgers next fall. I'm going to get into the Rutgers housing market now, have my son along with other students rent the house, cover all my expenses and keep the property as a long term investment.  With interest rate so low I can't pass up this opportunity".

As New Brunswick continues to expand its downtown area, the demand for these types of properties is sure to continue to increase.  That is a rarity in today's depressed real estate market.